My husband and I hired Ruah'Dior to help coordinate the day of event but she went above and beyond her duties to ensure everything was perfect for my wedding. She was organized and very resourceful. She was always available and was ready to help. She always made us feel as though she had everything 100% under control. Trust me, you want this planner!! If your stressed out about anything, just call her right away and she'll take care of it! Anything I saw on Pinterest and really wanted, she searched for it and found us the best options! She’s very organized and punctual! After the wedding Ms. Millie walked through out the whole hotel to ensure that nothing was broken and everything was well.
I was wowed when i entered the venue. Millie's work was impeccable. She was very patient with me through the entire process. Trust me i am a piece of work. I will use her all over again if i am planning for another event. She worked with me based on my budget and still provided the best service

Millie is just an amazing planner, she exudes excellent and was very detailed and patient when she planned my big day. I will never stop saying thank you to her because she really made my childhood dream a real one and even more! On our wedding day, I knew I had absolutely nothing to stress about because Millie and her Team were on it. Every little detail, every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better planner/coordinator and am so grateful that we picked Ruah'Dior to help us throughout our wedding planning. Thank you and God bless you.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and an overwhelming task for anyone, a lot of things needs to be done, right from calling your wedding photographer to the last ceremony of the wedding, everything is very important. You can get very exhausted if things aren’t done in a systematic way and in a proper order. Mille was there to execute everything that was planned for that day and made it enjoyable and remembering moment for me.

In all, was a great experience and I would gladly recommend Ruah’Dior to my friends and family because the company sees to it that its clients are happy and pleased at the end of the event.