Sometimes, brides seem to assume that they can plan their own weddings based on the fact that wedding planners on social media list all the vendors they utilized in planning a particular wedding, but a little secret that is often realized too late is that there are too many details that are involved in planning a wedding that will make us write a whole book on social media. So, here are some legitimate reasons why you should consider hiring a professional wedding planner.



When you google a “wedding caterer” based in your locality, you’ll definitely have hundreds of caterers pop up in your search engine. There are so many wedding vendors out there and it’s easy to connect with ones that aren’t reputable. A professional wedding planner works with the best in the business, and has the resources and first hang knowledge on which wedding vendor matches your personalities, budget, and wedding style and pair you up with the best to provide the best services for your needs. Understandably, we know that wedding venues do provide a preferred vendor list with their packages, but they are long lists that will take couples hours to contact and also scheduling of numerous interview with every vendor. A wedding planner’s suggestions are tailored to meet your personality and needs which will save you a lot of energy and some money.


We make sense of all the beautiful pictures of other weddings you see on social media platforms that you would like to incorporate into your special day. Wedding Planners help flesh out, and bring to life all the concepts and ideas that are social media inspired. No two weddings should ever be the same so we collaborate our ideas with yours in ensuring that your wedding designs are personalized and made a reality.


Planning a wedding is and should be exciting, but between managing a budget, interviewing vendors, determining proper etiquette and trying to please family and friends, wedding planning can rather be very stressful. A professional wedding planner is educated in all things wedding, and act as a huge resource for everyone involved. Having such a great resource by your side allows you and your fiancé, family and friends to enjoy the planning process and focus on what the special day is really about.


Sometimes brides decide to plan their own weddings because their budget does not permit them to hire a wedding planner for a full service, but if your budget permits, get a wedding day coordinator at least. Being a bride and your own planner/coordinator on your big day is not any bride’s desire ever. Some brides also decide to plan their own wedding because the venue they’ve contracted tells them they have a coordinator on site, but the secret is; a venue coordinator is not the same as a wedding planner/coordinator. Venue Coordinators manage everything that has to do with the venue; nothing more, nothing less. Their best interest is directed towards the venue and not you the couple. A wedding planner/coordinator works for YOU when you hire them, by managing the entire planning process including all vendors, contract reviews and serves as the voice of reason for the entire family or any mishaps that may arise. If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner for a full service planning, at least get a wedding day coordinator, it’s a good investment.


Wedding Planners have the technical know-how for creating and sticking to your budget. We know the market pricing for all kinds of vendors, and we have the required skill set to be able to negotiate the best pricing for you the bride. We can navigate the numerous industry price tags, manage your budget and help you prioritize that which is most important to you. We do all we can to help you save on other items so you can afford to acquire what you really want in achieving your dream wedding. The special Relationships wedding planners create with vendors goes a long way in helping you save.

So when contemplating on why you should hire a wedding planner, consider these few reasons which are major and request for a consultation from a wedding planner you may be considering who will introduce you to many other reasons why you should invest in hiring him/her.

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